Provide evidence based therapeutic pathways to oncology practices.

Our Business

KEW Group's CLIA Certified laboratory has launched KEW CancerPlexSM symbol, a highly versatile and comprehensive gene testing panel to evaluate genetic changes in a patient's tumor to help oncologists effectively manage treatment options. KEW Group is also providing an important new service to community oncologists by incorporating this state-of-the art genomic testing with evidence-based diagnostic and treatment pathways to benefit cancer patients. These combined services are expected to provide the basis for both current and next generation cancer treatments.

Our Goals

  • To develop and make available easily navigable, comprehensive Therapeutic pathways (KEW TPx) that can be deployed for use by Community oncology practitioners around the U. S.
  • Deploy the KEW TPx and make available to members of the KEW Oncology Network.
  • Provide comprehensive DNA based genetic testing of patient tumor samples (from formalin fixed, paraffin embedded, FFPE) and interpretation services
  • Assemble integrated data sets that include clinical information, outcomes information and cost information from members of the KEW Oncology Network